For Advanced Fellowship applicants who are active clinicians/practitioners, it is possible to request up to 40% of time be dedicated to clinical/professional service/development, which will be covered by the Fellowship. In this way Fellows are expected to contribute to knowledge as well as practice. Advanced Fellowship applicants should detail individuals providing research support and mentorship. Please note; when completing the application form, you are advised to validate your application as you go. Where applicants are already receiving salaries funded by NIHR, these should be declared in the application. Training and Development and Research Support, Proposed training and development programme – 1000 word limit. Essential items of equipment plus maintenance and related costs not included as part of estates should be input in this section. This notice is under constant review and will be updated and / or revised based on that review as appropriate. Careful thought should be given to a) the experience of your chosen supervisors, b) maintaining contact, and c) the potential for difficulties of communication and conflicting opinions and advice when there are more than two supervisors. As part of the creation of the NIHR Academy, the following broad Strategic Themes have been identified which represent key priority areas for the NIHR Academy. Where patient care is being provided which differs from the normal, standard, treatment for that condition (either an experimental treatment or a service in a different location from where it would normally be given), the difference between the total Treatment Costs and the costs of the “usual standard care" (if any) constitutes Excess Treatment Cost/Saving, but is nonetheless part of the Treatment Cost, not an NHS Support or Research Cost. develop and enhance understanding of knowledge mobilisation in health and social care; develop new ways of enabling research knowledge to be used in practice and/or; enhance existing knowledge mobilisation mechanisms; develop new research knowledge of particular and timely relevance to the NHS and/or social care; develop new questions of relevance to implementation research and practice, and; enhance the capability of the Fellow to facilitate networking between researchers and potential research users, shaping these communities and building effective linkages between them. INVOLVE have produced a number of useful payment-related resources which can be found at the following link: In addition to NIHR Academy Strategic Themes, the Fellowships programme will also be participating in two NIHR wide Themed Calls which were launched 1st October 2018: There is also a further NIHR highlight notice: Details of the Themed Calls past and present, can be found here NIHR Themed Calls website. A. This must include any previous submissions for an NIHR research training award, even if the proposed research has changed. Yes. Applicants may find the guidance on the EQUATOR Network website ( useful. Review of Partnership Fellowships will follow the same process as for standard Fellowships, with all applications being considered alongside each other. 4 0 obj For Round 4 of the Fellowships Programme (April 2020), the NIHR Academy will be partnering with the following charities: The application process for these fellowships is the same as for our standard Fellowships and successful applicants will become members of the NIHR Academy in the same way as successful applicants to our standard fellowships. Do you fund the development, evaluation and/or validation of models (e.g. Doctoral Fellowships are 3 years WTE in duration and may be taken up on a part time basis of between 50 and 100% WTE. An explanation of why these costs are being incurred and the basis on which the estimations have been made should be fully detailed under the relevant ‘Justification of Costs’ section. Fellowships are between 2 and 5 years WTE in duration and may be taken up on a part-time basis between 50% and 100% WTE. The justification section should split out the overheads from the salary costs and overheads shouldn’t exceed 40% of the total CTU staff cost. You should include; the training and development the collaboration will provide; the facilities and expertise you will have access to; and how the collaboration will strengthen links between academia, industry and the NHS/social care. If travel is by car, apply your institution’s mileage rates (however this should not exceed HMRC approved mileage allowance payments, which is 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles and 25p thereafter). Clear justification for the total WTE requested (between 2 and 5 years), in terms of what the funding will enable you to do (both research and training) and more importantly what the impact of this will be on your career, How the fellowship will be managed over the total duration of the award, taking into account, especially for longer awards; how the research and training programme will adapt to advances in the field, and also how suitable management and governance arrangements will be maintained over the whole duration of the award, Applicants need to identify an eligible Host Organisation which will act as their employer for the duration of the Fellowship. Once confirmed, the funding decisions will then be communicated to applicants, Applicants will be informed of the outcome of their application by email when all required processes are complete, The selection process and subsequent management of the Fellowships will be managed by the NIHR Academy (with the exception of devolved nation candidates, who will be managed by their local devolved nation’s office), All documents must be submitted in English, If applicants are successful in being awarded an NIHR Fellowship while simultaneously being involved in another NIHR research training award competition, they will be asked to decide which programme they would like to continue with and will be withdrawn from the other, Research projects undertaken as part of a NIHR Fellowship may be included on the NIHR Portfolio. Please itemise and describe fully the costs associated with training and development. endobj Please indicate the type of Fellowship you are applying for using the drop down lists available. Individuals previously granted an NIHR Knowledge Mobilisation Fellowship or an NIHR Knowledge Mobilisation Research Fellowship are ineligible for funding through this scheme. Support staff (research assistants) can be requested as part of an Advanced Fellowship application. Access is completely free and open to the public. The NIHR Academy manages the NIHR Fellowship Programme on behalf of the DHSC. Government procurement transparency regulations require publication of details of all contracts made with the DHSC on their Website. An NIHR Fellowship award requires that the award holder has a contract of employment with the host organisation for the duration of the Fellowship. Applicants mustn’t exceed the maximum amount of time that can be supported in WTE terms by each award as summarised below: Q. PROSPERO registration is a condition of NIHR funding for eligible systematic reviews. payments, training). There was once a very nerdy and in-the-library-stacks 22-year-old law student who wrote about the reasonable expectations doctrine. Where an outline/stage 1 application has been produced and this is the full stage (2) application, the Panel will pay close attention to any material increase in costs. Where staff from more than one HEI are working on the research there may be different indirect/estates charges for each one. Title: Microsoft Word - Procédure Contrats Doctoraux 2020-def1 Author: cornu-c Created Date: 2/20/2020 3:27:00 PM The costs that will be met by the Fellowship awards differ slightly depending on the type of host employer that is chosen by the applicant (i.e. 20%) may be allocated to clinical/practice time for service and/or training. This will now be required at a later date if you are successful with your stage 1 application. NIHR will provide the host organisation with a contract setting out the details of these arrangements. Many reviewers use this summary to inform their review of your funding application. When we say response mode we mean there won’t be any prioritisation for any one specific area of research over another. A representative of the NHS body or provider of NHS services - incurring any NHS Support and Treatment Costs - must sign off the application. Please see the timetable listed below for key dates relating to the selection process. This tool is designed to capture the different costs associated with clinical research and attribute them accordingly. Doctoral school Annual tuition -- Amount -- None Less than 1 000 €/an Less than 10 000 €/year Less than 15 000 €/year Less than 20 000 €/year Less than 30 000 €/year More than 30 000 €/year The finance section includes a section that asks researchers to provide an estimate of the patient care costs associated with the research (if applicable). For the best experience, please use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. After answering all the eligibility questions you will be able to start completing the online form. Details of all relevant grants obtained in the last five years should be provided, including personal research training awards or Fellowships, plus any additional previous grants relevant to this application. The NIHR Academy uses an adapted version of the NIHR Standard Application Form (SAF), which comprises of 2 stages. The applicant intends to register for and complete a PhD, Where already registered for a PhD (or MPhil with transfer to PhD), the applicant should not have been registered for more than 12 months at 100% WTE by the time the award starts, For individuals who have recently completed or soon to be awarded a PhD but haven’t yet established themselves as an independent researcher, For individuals either starting to establish themselves as an independent researcher, or who are already established as an independent researcher but are not yet recognised as an international leader in their field. This early attribution support will underpin the excess treatment cost management process by providing formal sign off, supporting the role of the research sponsor and lead R&D office or Clinical Trial Unit. It is recognised that the outputs in terms of grants and publications will vary depending on your experience, profession and level of award being applied for. <> Yes. Applicants should use the list below to check that they have included the necessary information prior to submitting their application. The DHSC Data Protection Officer can be contacted by email at: Doctoral applicants: please select whether you wish to hold the Fellowship on a full time basis over 3 years (100% WTE) or part-time equivalent from 50% WTE or above. Applicants will be able to state the WTE they would like to undertake the award at provided it is no less than 50% WTE. Do you fund the development of interventions, devices, technologies or services? If the research lasts for several years and an individual’s involvement varies over the course, it may be necessary to explain fully in the justification of costs section the % WTE and months per year for an individual staff member. Social care research falls within  the remit and terms of the HRA. It is expected that the research will have the potential to have practical application and the potential impact on patients/service users, carers and the public must be made clear, For clinical academic applicants: completion of relevant pre-registration training, For non-clinical applicants: completion of first degree. Potential applicants from Wales or Northern Ireland must contact their respective Government office to discuss their intentions before completing the application form. Proposed studies should be within the overall remit of the NIHR and should concern the impact on health and well-being, whether of patients/service users, carers, the public, or of the workforce itself. This should include the following costs: staff costs, travel and subsistence, dissemination costs, equipment (including lease versus purchase costs), consumables, patient/service users, carers and public involvement (PPI) and any other direct costs. The programme is open to doctoral students from Developing and Least-Developed Countries and customs territories that are WTO Members (or engaged in WTO accession negotiations). You must update your publications using the Research Outputs section of your account.Details of articles which are in press and have been accepted as final by the publisher may be included. The following is a list of potential elements/headings that might be included depending on the design of the proposed research, the setting and programme being applied to, and whether it is for primary research or evidence synthesis. Q. Further details about CRN contacts are available at: All applications are expected to have appropriate NHS, HEI, commercial and other partner organisation input into the finance section of the application form, There is no need to individually itemise costs where the total is below £1,000. You should describe who has been involved and why this is appropriate, what role(s) they have played and what influence or change has happened as result of their involvement. Proposals must show a clear link to improving disease outcomes and/or improvements in health. UK Biobank recruited 500,000 people aged between 40-69 years in 2006-2010 from across the country to take part in this project. Previous experience in these fields means that that an individual may still be eligible to apply, but whatever their background, they must propose a new focus for their activities that will add substantial and demonstrable value. Unsuccessful applicants will only be able apply to the same fellowship on one further occasion. An adjustment for inflation will be made annually thereafter at rates set by DHSC. However there will be the following exceptions: Q. Staff employed by a Higher Education Institution (HEI) are funded at 80% of cost and staff employed by NHS, social care, commercial or other partner organisation at up to 100% of cost. We therefore fund research using a wide range of study designs including observational and applied epidemiological methods. The Research Chair on Beauty studies recruits a PhD student for a 3-year doctoral contract. Commercial/Other Partner Organisations should calculate them, using their own cost rates. High quality outputs from previous research experience and training relative to career stage and background. 3 0 obj Candidates to doctoral school First Registration ; Thesis Financing ; Doctoral Contract . Please also select the duration of award between 2 and 5 years WTE. For Advanced Fellowships, which are between 2 and 5 years WTE, you will need to select the number of WTE years and % WTE requested and the total duration of the award will be automatically calculated in months. November 17, 2020 GMT. VI) Patient/service user, carer and Public Involvement. Le recrutement des candidats relève de la responsabilité des écoles doctorales. Support includes; help with calculating appropriate costs for involving patients and the public, help with developing potential strategies for involvement, case studies of involvement activities including the impact they have had, and help with writing plain English summaries.

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